Allow us to introduce you to our peaceful oasis in the bustling heart of Split. We are just steps away from Diocletian's Palace, the heart of the city, which due to its magical beauty has been a part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979. Our great location allows you to instantly switch from cozy, serene hotel atmosphere to the seductive Mediterranean vibrancy of Split. We offer authentic experience and introduce you to the Mediterranean state of mind.

Let us be your home away from home. Let's experience more; together!


A century-old building that is truly a pearl of Art Nouveau. Completed in the midst of World War I, it is a masterpiece by architect Petar Senjanović, who brought a touch of recognizable Viennese Art Nouveau to Split. Split was almost bypassed by Secession, and we feel grateful that it is us who revived this Art Nouveau beauty, and gave it a new purpose.

Originally, the building was intended for the needs of the cooperative union. Since 1974 it has been the seat of the University of Split. Archaeological artifacts, found during construction, testify to the existence of organized urban life in Split even before the Diocletian's Palace was built. Discovery of a bath or fountain gives us a sense that spa or market place was located at this very spot. What a wonderful starting point to explore the fascinating history of the most beautiful city in the world and its rich surroundings!

We believe that while staying with us, you will feel the energy and creativity of people who have devotedly worked to make our story come true.

Situated in an over 100yrs old Art Nouveau beauty, each of our 31 superbly appointed rooms and 4 suites are true representatives of a bygone era that our architectural and designer team has revived by bringing in a touch of modern, as well as paying careful attention to every detail and needs of contemporary travelers.

Plenitude of natural light that comes in through large windows, views of the charming old town and comfortable beds are just a few things that will enchant your senses while staying with us. Units with a balcony or terrace further enhance the Mediterranean atmosphere.


Our creative culinary team uses local produce to present you with an authentic gastronomic experience. Following world culinary trends, we will meet various nutritional needs of our guests and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals. Our hardworking chefs always come up with a new idea, a new recipe.

No matter what we prepare, the secret ingredient is always the same- passion!

Croatia is a small country made to leave a lasting impression. With only a few minutes of pleasant walk you will reach the Golden Gate - once the main entrance to the magnificent Roman Palace. On your way, you will meet Gregory from Nin and get an opportunity to touch his lucky toe and make a wish. He is the most popular “wish maker” in Split. In addition to the enchanting Diocletian's Palace, we are in proximity to the picturesque farmers market, and a ten-minute stroll from the ferry port.

Why Fermai? Because there are places and experiences that make it worthwhile to stop. Put the world on hold.

Feel free to contact us in any moment. Our support is online 24/7 for any information you need.

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